Tay Creek Folk Festival

July 20 - 22, 2018


Here's to all the amazing people who contributed in some way to making the 10th Annual Tay Creek Folk Festival what it was: the best one yet! Hold on to your hats... it's a long list!


Jenny Jobbins, Genevieve MacRae, Eddie Young, Lucia O'Sullivan, Mary Milliken, Kim Kloud, Nadine Ives, Phil Lamey, Holly Jobbins, Nancy Anderson, Dale Branscombe, Stan Campbell, Sandra Lynn Coughlan, Marc LeJeune, Gisele Gaudet, Leo Hickey, John MacRae, Stephen Gilbert, Isaac Gilbert, Avery Gilbert, Oliver Gilbert, Clara Gilbert, Joele Wonitoway Gilbert, Brian Hayes, Kyle Kirby, Matra├ža Lamey, Sandra Nickerson, Graham Nickerson, Angela McLellan Maher, Paul Maher, Pam McLoughlin, Bruce Watson, April Yates, R. Leigh Merritt, Dean Storey, Peter Cote, Heather Thomas, Ken Thomas and Brent Thorne.

Friends of the Festival:

Dorian Beggs, Shirley Beggs, Ricarda Bradley, Doug Forbes, Kerry Mason, Peter Mason, Lucia O'Sullivan, Elaine Thibodeau, Taymouth Community Association.

Corporate Sponsors:

The Climate Guys; MacRae Musical Arts Studio; Canadian Tire; Hillside Convenience & Liquor Agency; Tony's Music Box Ltd.; Eloise; Roots & Soul Music Promotions; Custom Carpentry by Marc Doucet; Forbes Insurance; Owl's Nest Bookstore; Picaroons Traditional Ales; The Radical Edge; The Shamporium; Sahara Fashion House; Silvicare Forestry; Sobeys; Blue Ridge Winexpert; Key Elements Media.

Our two summer students:

Lava Forbes & Dayna Muzey

Our Vendors:

Golden Hooks, Melissa at Yummy Mommy and Neeta Hathi with her wonderful Henna & Face Painting.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least...

Our Musicians:

Colt Munn-Myshrall; Jared Lutes; Oak, Ash, and Thorn; Adyn Townes' The Soderman Band; Big Monday Blues. Whiskey Legs & Genevieve MacRae; The Undecided; JY's Music Circle; Outside I'm a Giant; Carla Bonnell; Jens Jeppesen; The Paper Bag Players; Creative Differences; Kathleen Gorey-McSorley; Lindsay Foote; The Montgomery St. Band & The Brent Mason Band.

Why not volunteer at next year's Tay Creek Folk Festival?