Tay Creek Folk Festival

July 20 - 22, 2018

THE Tay Creek Folk Festival is an annual musical celebration bringing local musicians to a wider audience while at same time allowing local people to hear others from the province of New Brunswick and further afield.  The festival takes place on the grounds of the beautiful Tay Ridge Farm. The main stage and auditorium are entirely under cover in a former horse barn opening into a paddock, and spectators are encouraged to camp for the weekend in tents and RVs.

IN 2017 we shall be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Tay Creek Folk Festival from July 28 to July 30. There will be workshops on the fringe of the festival with opportunities to become familiar with a variety of musical instruments as well as a number of musical and environmental topics (check our Latest News page). You can also enjoy hikes through the forest and swimming in the creek. See you in July!







“This is the best festival venue I have ever seen in the province of New Brunswick.”

                      Matchstick Mike Bidlake 

3888 Tay Creek, NB.